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DJ fresh speaks on apologising to Metro

So the rumours that you’ve heard about are all over the place when it comes to DJ Fresh’s return to Metro.

However, the SABC has confirmed that DJ Fresh is scheduled to return to Metro FM next week, but reports claim the star will not do so if he is forced to apologize on air.

At this point, Mzansi is spinning out of control wondering what the next move is.

As you may already know, The DJ was taken off air last month, with SABC spokesperson Vuyo Mthembu telling media at the time that it was a matter between the broadcaster and Fresh.

And has since, got the DJ suspended after a complaint was lodged with the Broadcasting Commission of SA (BCCSA) alleging that Fresh spoke some inappropriate language on air.

However, two senior SABC sources close to the matter told Sunday World that after receiving a letter from the SABC telling him of their decision and his need to apologise on air, Fresh allegedly wrote back through his lawyers and refused.

But the plot is thickening folks.

Late afternoon, DJ Fresh released a statement on his socials relaying his part of the story.

DJ Fresh has said he agreed to apologize unreservedly contrary to media reports.

The statement, which was clearly released to set the record straight, explains that “after an incident where DJ Fresh’s unfortunate choice of words were said on air, the SABC had to act accordingly and unscheduled him off air for two weeks while the national broadcaster was investigating the matter with the BCCSA (Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa) regarding the matter at hand.”

It further states that Fresh was willing to apologise unreservedly: “A scheduled meeting between Fresh and the SABC occurred when the two weeks lapsed and Fresh agreed to apologize unreservedly”.

According to the statement, the request was made by the SABC for DJ Fresh to remain off air for an additional three weeks, ending on July 15. Fresh was still awaiting confirmation about his return to work next week at the time of its publication. The statement also labeled the decision to pull Fresh off air as punitive, with him having lost his income for the duration of that period.

Meanwhile, according to previous reports by the Sowetan, Fresh’s lawyer Genevieve Brand, told the SABC that the presenter will not apologize and demanded that he be reinstated with immediate effect.

To which, the SABC is reported to have responded, informing the DJ’s lawyers, that he would have to adhere to the conditions if he wanted to return to work.

DJ Fresh’s lawyers then hit back at the SABC, stating:

“Our client will not tender an apology and remain off work until 15th day of July 2019. As such, kindly confirm you intend terminating his contract.”

So, Fresh isn’t coming back or is he? Or he just not returning to Metro?

Fresh did take to social media last week to apologize to fans about the “wall of silence” and said the situation has been frustrating.

Tensions are high and the of course social media is a mess with accusations and conspiracy theories but it’s looking like we’ll have to stay seated and watch what unfolds next from the sidelines.

Source: ZAlebs