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DJ Lamiez Took A Lady Who Sells Achaar On The Street To A VIP Section

Khulichana’s wife who is also a DJ has been doing all her best to keep Bongi Happy. Bongi is a single mother who is rais9his boy alone. She is no longer with her baby daddy. She once shared her story on socialmedia of how she suffered with her son when he was young.

She was once chased out of the apartment tjat they rented because she couldn’t afford to pay rent. She took her kid and they went to sleep at the street because she didn’t have a plan. That has thought her to work hard and make sure thay history doesn’t repeat itself.

Many people were surprised to see how the lady who is carrying a bottle of Savannah was looking at Bongi. Some people assumed that it was an innocent look and maybe the lady was possing for a photo and nothing more. Some people kept on saying thag this look says a lot and that the lady was not free.

It is such a good thing to see a lady, appreciating and taking care of another lady. Khulichana’s wife is definitely giving back to the community. She gave this lady a chance to smile and she made sure that she feels human again and gained her confidence back.