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DJ Prince Kaybee throws shade at DJ Hazel months after she leaked his n#des

Multi-award-winning DJ Prince Kaybee left tweeps shocked recently when he threw massive shade at Hazel after a tweep came at him for not completing school.

Prince Kaybee responded to a tweet that spoke about how teachers used to tell learners in Matric that companies will be fighting for them.

He responded: “Lol I didn’t even get to matric but if that’s what they told y’all, how is it planning out?”

@dumisane_ then responded to Prince Kaybee saying it is clear that Kaybee never went to school. However, he also added that he is not fighting after Kaybee clapped back saying that it shows that @dumisane went to school looking at the way he contributes to the economy.

“Wena ke go bone kgale gore awa tsena skolo …I’m not fighting you bro, I’m just saying wa jumpisa gore awa tsena skolo…Tse tsa di economy and what not ke di taba tsa hao le Hazel.”

He responded: “It’s pretty obvious looking at how you that went to school contribute to the economy… I’m not fighting either, Tsa di economy you and Hazel are as futile, guessing y’all went to school.”

Even though some fans found this funny, others were sad that Hazel had to catch stray bullets for nothing.

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