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“DJ Sbu Is Being Sabotaged!” Fans React To The New Selling Price Of Mofaya Drinks

DJ Sbu has been the people’s favourite especually when it came to his Mofaya business.

This is because he was able to help financially struggling fans by giving them a chance to sell his soft drinks so they could make money instead of sending money to anyone who asked.

At the beginning of the Mofaya Launch, nayseyers kept saying that his drinks were the same price as the Coca-Cola drinks, and for this reasons they decided to stick with what they know.

Today, a Facebooker posted a picture from a supermarket where they sell Mofaya drinks. People were shocked that the new new selling price is R3,99. This is a huge drop from the launch price which was R20.

This could because too many drinks were stocked and now they have to sell the drinks cheap as they are approaching the sell-by date.

If not, then Sbu made an error of launching too many flavours at once. Fizzy drinks are rated on Cola, Apple and Orange flavours.

Cooe for example knew that their cola was not spot on so they sold one flavour for a long time, then introduced Apple and that made things easy for them on the market.

Sbu should have increased his energy drink range and lowered the price to R10 a can like Reboost.

Whatever the case, fans think that this could be sabotage because under the R3,99 price there is disclaimer of no refunds should a customer buy drinks that were past the best before date. The law of supply and demand.