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DJ Sbu’s house drives Mzansi crazy

DJ Sbu is a successful business man, he is/was known as a DJ but since the world of business is working in his favour he hasn’t done music in a long time.
He is the funder of Mofaya which is an energy drink and he was marketing his product everywhere from the streets of Kasi to aeroplanes. He is really committed to his business and it’s beautiful to see a black man doing as well he he is doing.
He was once featured on top billing and had the opportunity to show us his beautiful house a d it is safe to say his house is stunning.
Timeless is a word you should think of when purchasing a home, I love his house because it is luxurious but also warm and homey.
DJ Sbu started from humble Beginnings, he was living with 11 family members in a four roomed house, but got his big break when he got a job at a community radio station.