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DJ Tira’s wife faces arrest after beating up fellow RHOJ show cast member

DJ Tira’s wife Gugu Khathi makes another headline for the wrong reason. Gugu faces apprehension for allegedly assaulting a RHOJ show cast member. In an attempt to sabotage the show DJ Tira’s wife resorts to fighting and it seems it is something she is quite known for.

Sources claim that the Real Housewives of Johannesburg Season 3 in on halt after Gugu Khathi and fellow housewife Brinnette Seopela beat up a fellow cast member Christall Kay. After a heated argument at the club, Gugu did not waste any time but went to change her heels into some comfortable sneakers for a fight.

To show that Gugu loves fighting, it is reported that she had an extra pair which she gave to her friend Brinnette Seopela. The two go back into the club all ready for a fight and unfortunately for Kay no one warns her of what is about to transpire.

Without wasting anytime Gugu pulls Christall Kay by her hair and starts pounding her in the face. The production staff rescued Kay but her face was already bruised. Christall Kay was rushed to the hospital.

Several sources confirm that Gugu is well known for resorting to her fighting skills whenever she feels wronged or threatened. They said that It is not the first time Gugu has been involved in a fight and she once attacked some lady at a club. Others report that she once beat up her neighbour.

Mzansi magic spokesperson confirms the sad news that the Real Housewives of Johannesburg has been cancelled. Crew members of the show inform the reporters that Gugu Khathi is a bully and they are afraid of working with her. They add that the stylish and flamboyant she always portrays really hides the skills the woman possesses when it comes to fist fighting.