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DJ Zinhle opens up about why her and AKA are good for each other

DJ Zinhle recently opened up about her relationship with AKA during an interview on Youtube series PodcastandChill .

Zinhle spoke to the host MacG about how before she met AKA at a show she had actually messaged him for a collab.

“I knew him because I had DM’d him,” said the DJ before she added, “I just messaged him one day, ‘hey I would like to do a song with you’ and he was like ‘yo cool…you have the beat send it to me”

Zinhle also went on to joke about how the father of her four-year old daughter still owed her a song, “So basically he still owes me a song… he promised me a song before the baby”

She then went on to describe how they hit it off immediately after spending time with each other,

“We went out that night, we definitely kissed that night,” she confessed before she adding “Just a day after hanging out together, we decided to make our relationship official”

Although Zinhle and the Congratulate me hit maker had a very public split it seems like the two have remained civil with each other.

Looking back the 34-year-old DJ recalled how it was their differences that kept their relationship going,

“We definitely had a solid connection …” explained Zinhle.

“No we were good honestly I won’t lie we were just good together. I think being so different made us click like we were so different like we just worked out and made sense”

Speaking about when they decided to have Kairo, the DJ said: “We discussed the baby and I said I want to have a baby. He said well we’ve been together for this long I don’t want to have a baby with anyone else let’s just do it… so we were definitely sure we wanted a baby.”

The pair recently made headlines shortly after a snap of them cozy surfaced on social media, a few months earlier Instagram model Nicole Nyaba spoke to Drum in an exclusive interview and revealed that the two were allegedly seeing each other again.

Watch the full interview of DJ Zinhle speaking on her past relationship with AKA, having a baby and her career.

Source: Drum