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DJ Zinhle responds to skin-bleaching allegations

A critic tried to take out the fun in the 10-year challenge after alleging the DJ was using skin-lightening products.

Ntombezinhle ‘DJ Zinhle’ Jiyane found herself responding to skin-bleaching allegations after taking part in the 10-year challenge that has been trending on Twitter. People all over the world took part in the challenge that required them to post pictures of themselves that were taken 10 years apart to see how different they look now.

One of her followers pointed out that the DJ’s skin seemed lighter in her recent picture, alleging she had bleached her skin.

“Bleaching on steroids. I don’t give rat ass ukuthi nithini self-hating Blacks. Stop making excuses for bleaching. It doesn’t mean I don’t like her when I point out that she’s bleaching idiots. It’s facts she’s bleaching and she’s not the only one,” said Twitter user Fikile Hlatshwayo.

But Zinhle was not having any of it, telling the critic: “I-bleach wutatakho [bleach is your father]. Maybe wang’thengela i-bleach [maybe you bought me the bleach] Fiks. Don’t be mean for attention. Umdala [you’re an adult]. Also, we are doing this challenge for fun not so you can be mean so you can take a break. Umuhle yezwa, mawungayeka ukuqina nje [you are beautiful, if only you could stop being stubborn].”

Her fans also jumped to her defence, saying the camera quality and lighting could have contributed to what looks like a lighter DJ Zinhle.