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DJ Zinhle’s brother breaks after she announced unexpected news – wishes their father was still alive

DJ Zinhle has received a heartfelt message from her brother, Zenzele Jiyane. He was congratulating her on her upcoming reality show. On Monday, DJ Zinhle announced on her Instagram page that she’d be having a reality show.

She wrote: “I have exciting and UNEXPECTED news for you this evening. Allow me to introduce my very own reality show coming to @bet_africa channel 129 this September. I know this is unexpected but I’m so excited to share this part of my life with you all! See you on the 18th, right? #BETDJZinhle.”

On Tuesday morning, her brother Zenzele sent a shout out to her.

He said he is proud of his sister and wishes their father was still around to witness her success.

“Right now, I’ve no words to explain the way I feel about your hard work. I wish our father was still alive to witness your success. I know he’d be proud of you.

But I also know he’s watching you from heaven and that’s why you’re so successful. May you continue to be strong maZikode omuhle. I love you and thank you for everything. Azikhale,” he wrote.

DJ Zinhle responded to her brother with love emojis.

The post prompted DJ Zinhle’s friends and fans to also celebrate her success.

Mbali Nolindela wrote: “Ahh, so sweet. The way you love your sister.”

Ziyakhala, Mjay. Your sister’s work is commendable,” Cabanga Mncwabe.