Home Entertainment ‘DMF’ fans left howling after Maphuthi’s English ‘socially distanced’ from her

‘DMF’ fans left howling after Maphuthi’s English ‘socially distanced’ from her

Date My Family fans were super stoked to finally see the bachelor meet a woman they thought was his perfect match, but it was her English — or lack thereof — that ended up stealing the spotlight.

Tweeps were introduced to 34-year-old Dumisani Koyana ,who is a sports writer and runs a foundation. The Johannesburg-based bachelor is looking for a smart and a friendly woman.

His options were all great but when tweeps met Maphuthi, they immediately knew she was the one. Not only was moghel a straight 10 out of 10 in terms of #bodygoals, she also had the face of a beauty pageant queen and a personality tweeps couldn’t help but love.

However, for all her “wins”, Maphuthi insisted on speaking English. Fans knew within two to three sentences in that she wasn’t fluent, and wished she could stick to her home language.

“I hate what English is doing to Maphuthi,” said one tweep.

“Yhu. Maphuthi’s English is clearly socially distancing from her,” said another.

Maphuthi saw no problem with her English and managed to get her intended message across.

Dumisani didn’t seem to mind either, as he ended up choosing her for the first date and they even went as far as talking about a second.

Even though tweeps filled the TL with memes mocking her English, both Dumisani and Maphuthi won where it matters the most – there by the love section!

Check out some of the reactions in memes below:

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