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Do you remember these Backstage stars? Where are they now?

Remember that 2000s show that used to play on etv called Backstage? It was mainly a soap opera targeted for the youth. It included some of the challenged the youth faced in college or varsity. The show aired on etv weekdays at 18:30. The main area the show focused on was Vulindlela College, which was situated in Johannesburg and it’s focus was on performing arts.

Let’s look at some of the stars from that show and where they are now.

1. Loyiso Mangena

Remember the role of chipa? Yes that guy with dreads? Well it was played by the charming Loyiso Mangena. And you might be wondering, actually, where is Loyiso?

Well Loyisa Mangena is now into coperate. He held the position of COO at Pamodzi Group, which is an investment group. We also remember that he used to be a Kwaito musician. Well well well. Times have changed.

2. Charl timoteus

He played the role of Ziggy on the show. He is now an executive producer.

3. Dini Nondumo

Oh the ladies used love Dini. Remember the character of Tendai on Backstage? The hunk with the dread locks ? You might want to know where he is as you no longer see him on your screen. He is now the head of commercial insurance at Standard Bank.You’ll also be glad(or not) to know he’s been married for years now.

4. Thobi Mkhwanazi

Remember the cute and lovely Coco from the show? She’s been out of the limelight for a while now. She is apparently runs a media and communications group called Zothile.

5. Katlego Danke

Who can forget the crazy Koketso from Backstage? Yho. She was a handful. Well a lot of us used to know her as Koketso, then she became Dineo on Generation and currently plays the Vicious Onthatile on Gomora. One thing about Katlego, she pulls off every role she is given.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article . It is goof that now and then we reflect on some shows and stars from yesteryear. I hope this article was insightful. Let me know if you want another edition of this type of content.