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Donald Denies Dating Pearl Modiadie

Donald Moatshe either has amnesia or he is living in denial!

Yep! Mr Donald In Denial himself has skirted around claims that he once dated TV & radio personality Pearl Modiadie back in 2015.

The singer spoke to MacG in a recent interview and made some interesting comments about his love-life. In fact, Donald went to great lengths to deny dating Pearl!

“Did I ever say that we dated?….I mean those that know, know what they know..,” an uneasy looking Donald told his interviewer.

He continued, “The thing with me is… I actually never ever publicly came out and say that I dated anybody, so there’s never been a record of me on any interview or Instagram post or a Twitter post confirming that…”

But Donald attempted to save himself from looking totally stupid, “What I can confirm is that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world,” he added.

Donald then went on to reveal why he chooses to distance himself from reports of his romantic life.

“I’ve always felt like it clashes with what I’m trying to achieve…I’m trying to build a musical legacy that is not going to consumed by a lot of personal things.”

– ZAlebs