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Don’t mess with Sho Madjozi . . . Rude ‘bully’ Bonnie Mbuli gets what she asked for

Mzansi was left with mouths hanging open recently when Bonnie Mbuli decided to come for Sho Madjozi out of the blue online. Sho Madjozi was slammed by Bonnie after making a heartwarming post about the recent xenophobic attacks and slew of horrific rape cases.

Bonnie accused Sho Madjozi of not writing the post herself, but the young award-winning musician clapped back with a brilliant response.

Media personality and actress, Bonnie Mbuli, recently got caught up in a Twitter spat with Maya Christinah Xichavo Wegerif, the top South African musician known as Sho Madjozi.

Maya wrote an inspiring post on the social media platform, telling South Africans to be hopeful about the country, following a recent slew of horrific rape incidents and xenophobic attacks.

While the piece received a lot of love from fans and followers, Bonnie took it upon herself to question whether or not Maya really wrote the beautiful post.

Unprompted, Bonnie left a rude comment on the post, which Mzansi was disappointed and angered by.

However, Bonnie subsequently got served by Maya, who clapped back at the local celeb for her uncalled-for remark.

Mzansi’s social media users were disgusted by Bonnie’s behaviour, which seemed rude and arrogant.