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Dove Funeral Parlour dragged for its Sbahle Mpisane tweet

Whilst the Mpisane family and Sbahle’s close friend continue to pray for her speedy recovery, many South Africans as well have joined in prayer for the well known fitness instructor.

The news of her car accident came as a blow to many as it was the same day the news of Prokid’s passing was announced.

Whilst many continue to pray for Sbahle’s speedy recovery, Dove’s funeral parlour also decided to express its sympathy towards Sbahle and her family, but its sympathy was not met with kindness.

The funeral parlour tweeted this picture of Sbahle and all hell broke loose on social media.

Some people did not appreciate the funeral parlour’s sentiments as they thought it was in bad taste.

However, there are some people who saw nothing wrong with the post by Dove.

The funeral parlour has come out to express that they didn’t mean for the message to come across as offensive and still wish Sbahle a speedy recovery regardless of what the public may think.

Source: ZAlebs