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Drama as man grabs his pen_s calling former Scandal! actress Masasa Mbangeni in public

Masasa Mbangeni is distraught and disgusted by a strange man who s_xually harassed her in public. The actress was in disbelief when a man humiliated her and was also shocked to see people laughing instead of intervening.

Masasa took to Twitter to share an experience which left her livid and made her feel disgusted. She said she was just coming from the gym so she had gym clothes on. Then on her way to the shops, she came across a man who was intoxicated, grabbing his private area and then cat-called her.

The former Scandal! actress expressed how dirty she felt because of this man as nobody offered to help her. “Just got catcalled by some drunkard while I was walking to buy chilies. I was from gym and didn’t have a jacket or anything. He kept coming my way & grabbing his penis. I swore at him. People around watched & laughed. I feel so sick . It happened at Dunkeld West centre,” she said.

She continued by saying even the men kept laughing at her as they offered no help, “I feel sick & dirty & angry that when I was clearly being harassed, bystanders ( also men), opted to laugh.”

Defending herself from people who decided to look for loopholes in her story, Masasa said, “Not appropriate Leo. The man was masturbating publicly while looking at me. He was drunk. That level of violence and indecency is evil. I don’t see how walking to go but chilies in gym wear could be misconstrued as acting & therefore warrant that behavior.”

A lot of our female celebrities have shared an experience or two after being harassed by men. A few of them were colleagues working in either the same production or same field as them.

Actress Nokuthula Mavuso has opened up about her own experiences with s.e.xual harassment at her workplace many years ago when she was 24 years old.

“Worked with an actor years ago who’d harass me constantly when no one was looking. He’d lick his lips, make snaaks comments,etc. I reported him to the SE. Nothing was done. Reported again. No action. Until I refused to work. I went to the studio. Block. “Action!” I’d sit instead,” she wrote.

Brenda Ngxoli was also harassed by fellow actors, “In a space whereby I feel most at home, a space that I love with all my heart, I got fondled by a fellow actor, they rubbed on my thighs during a take.”