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Drama as MaShelembe’s Provincial Baby Shower Cancelled

Mzansi Magic’s disgraced show Mnakwethu often gets crucified on social media for their apparent treatment towards women. The show centres around giving men the opportunity to inform their wives that they plan on taking another wife. It seldom trends for the right reasons, until recently with MaShelembe‘s touching storyline.

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Last week’s touching episode of Mnakwethu saw MaShelembe, a pregnant wife to Langa, breaking down in tears when her husband informed her that he plans to take a second wife. What startled her is that Langa had already fully paid lobola for MaSithole, without MaShelembe’s consent. On top of that, MaSithole is pregnant.

She revealed to her husband that she felt as though he does not value her and that she felt unworthy. Musa too felt the need to ask Langa if he was abu_ing MaShelembe.

After the episode, Musa Mseleku, MaShelembe and Mnakwethu trended for days. A women’s group on Facebook called Ladies’ House reached out to her and she informed them that she is 7 months pregnant. Many people wanted to gather their coins and host a provincial baby shower for MaShelembe just to put a smile on her face. Of course many assumed she had left her “emotionally abusive” husband when they offered to buy her clothes, new car, home and so forth.

According to SowetanLive, the brains behind of the provincial baby shower Ncumisa Ndelu, announced that it had been cancelled. The planned baby shower was set to take place on Saturday, September 26 in Durban at the Botanical Gardens. People were invited to drop off their gifts whilst a pampered MaShelembe drives around in a luxury car.

Reason for cancelling the baby shower was because there was another baby shower planned for her on the same exact day. According to Ndelu, MaShelembe agreed to have the shower on September 26 but pulled out at the last minute. But when all else failed, Ndelu decided to call it quits.