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Drama as Nomcebo takes record label to court for unpaid Jerusalema royalties

It is almost two years since the release of the international hit song Jerusalema was released by Kgaogelo “Master KG” Moagi featuring Nomcebo Zikode.

Of late the song has proven to be one of the best. The international hit song headlined several awards across the world. As of now Jerusalema currently sits 400 million streams on YouTube.

This success would not have been possible without the contributing authors Master KG and singer and co-writer Nomcebo.

However, the song was released on 11 August 2019. On international streams, it was released by Elektra France and Warner France. Amongst many achievements, Jerusalema went to triple Platinum in Italy.

Master KG made history by becoming the first African artist to bag France’s prestigious NRJ Music Award in the institution’s 20-year history and Jerusalema was named International Song of the Year at the awards.

While the producer and record label boss are touring Europe, award-winning singer and co-author of Jerusalema Nomcebo Zikode has consulted with her legal team from Rosengarten & Feinberg and handed a letter of demand to Open Mic Productions after allegedly claiming to not have received a cent from Jerusalema sales and streams.

However, according to an insider, Nomcebo has not received the alleged 50% royalties due to her.

“It’s a mess, to say the least!” says the source. She has not been paid a cent for Jerusalema. They could not reach an agreement, so Nomcebo had to consult with her lawyers. The record label called her demand ‘ridiculous.’ How is 50% ridiculous. She wrote the lyrics and sang them, he produced the song. That should count for something,” the source says.

It was reported that Xola Moya Wam singer was being sidelined by Open mic bosses and they had used Zanda Zakuza to go on tour singing Jerusalema with Master KG in Paris.