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Drama: Here Is What Lasizwe Is Planning On Doing To His Cheating Ex!

After suffering a really embarrassing heart break Lasizwe has posed as an individual WHO rapt on however continues to be carrying a full ton of rancour. The comedian and someone recently showed USA however painful he’s on social media throughout a athletic facility session.

His former bae stony-broke his heart and left him humiliated once he dribbled him throughout their 2-minute relationship. The video he shared of himself throughout a athletic facility session most likely left his former bae desire he wasn’t that punching bag.

Lasizwe is seen angrily placing the punching bag to the purpose wherever he loses it for a second before acquisition his thoughts and calming himself down.

Lasizwe thought he had found love during a crazy partner however to his surprise it had been all simply a sham. once his bae was heading to port Lasizwe born him off at the aerodrome. when spoken communication their goodbye’s Lasizwe decides to let his hair down and quit together with his friends. a lot of to his surprise, he bumps into the person at a chill spot referred to as working dog.

“I’ve ne’er gowishad (gone through a lot) most for a person. you allow him at the aerodrome and so you only say cool let American state quit with my friends, and so you come across him at working dog.”

After the total incident and outlay days feeling sorry himself, his former lover didn’t trouble to calm him down, instead he mocked and laughed at him together with his real bae. within the video the couple is detected riant at Lasizwe and perpetually asking: “Why area unit you heartbroken?” and so Lasizwe’s ex is holding a doom spray that he sprays into the camera and says: “I can doom you Swirie.”

A few days later, the YouTuber same on Twitter he’s therefore heartsick which he cannot management his emotions, “This world will hurt you. It cuts you deep and leaves a scar. Things crumble, however nothing breaks sort of a heart. It sucks feeling like this! It sucks not being au fait of your emotions. It’s sucks feeling like you’re alone within the world! It’s sucks movement folks out particularly people who care regarding you out. IT SUCKS! you’re NOT ALONE, i’m within the SAME BOAT WITH YOU! however we are going to WIN!”