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DRAMA On Jub Jub’s New Show You Promised To Marry Me As Groom Spends Wedding Money On Booze




It was all drama on Jub Jub’s new show You Promised To Marry Me as he tried to resolve matters between Avile and Simthandile.

According to Avile, she had been dating Simthandile for two years and they even engaged, only for him to start acting funny and distant.

This prompted Avile to write to the show in a bid to have Simthandile marry her or at least tell her the way forward.

Simthandile’s father, was not pleased with the melee which ensued inside his home and kept asking what was going on.

Avile’s skeletons tumbled out of the closet, she was seen around the shebeens on a drinking spree, something which did not please Simthandile.

Avile also lost her engagement ring, she claimed she took it off after Simthandile cheated on her.

Asked if he still loved Avile, Simthandile said it was a difficult question but he did state that he wasn’t going to marry her.

“I am not going to marry Avile, I don’t trust her,” he said.

There was a lot of chaos in the house and Simthandile’s father kept telling people to stop talking and shut up.


Upon being asked what he did with the money, Simthandile told Avile he spent their wedding money on booze.

“You know I drink, I spent it all on booze,” he said.

Meanwhile viewers like Simthandile’s parents so much that they demanded for them to have their own reality show.

The parents were so extra that they not only fought with Jub Jub, they fought each other too , fought their son Simthandile and everyone in their living room.

Here are some of the comments

“This family should have a reality show. All of a sudden, I can’t live without them.”

This is one hell of a team… from ‘Don’t interrupt me in my house’ to ‘Okay my wife’ to ‘Tell them my wife’.”

” Simthandile’s Dad & his wife are my fav”