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‘Dubai Porta Potty’ – What really happens in Dubai . . . Mzansi Disgusted With Slay Queens

Some strange things take over social media, but the latest viral trend might just be the strangest, and the most disgusting.

Social media users are discovering something called the ‘Dubai Porta Potty’ which is rumoured to go on amongst influencers and the elite in the United Arab Emirates.

The rumoured practice is sickening and really grossing everyone out on social media…


Let’s start by clarifying that there’s absolutely no proof this actually goes on in Dubai, it’s merely a rumour that’s taken over the internet in April 2022.

The ‘Dubai Porta Potty’ is rumoured to be something that influencers and other young women do in exchange for money or gifts.

It’s pretty disgusting, but the idea says that these woman let others excrete on them to receive bags, shoes and other materialistic items.

Yes, by excrete we mean poop, and wee. Disgusting, right? But rumours say this is what goes on.

According to Urban Dictionary, “expensive escorts” are “bought by rich men” to go on “yacht parties” where they are defecated and urinated on.


The notion has been taking over TikTok and Twitter over the past week and left social media users horrified.

Apparently, there are also videos of the alleged scheme flooding the internet too, but we wouldn’t encourage you to go looking for any.

Life will never be the same after knowing about this.