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Duduzile Zuma Reveals Redi Tlhabi’s Secrets And Threatens To Reveal More

It seems like today will be very interesting and that is if this matter escalates and one thing that is quite clear at this point is that, there is no turning back. What Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla said about TV and Radio presenter Redi Tlhabi can never be taken back and it may seem like she has no regrets at all.

Last night, people were hoping that Redi would address Duduzile’s claims, one would say that those were just accusations, but that is very unlikely.

Duduzile would not lie about something like that and the fact that Redi did not say anything about what Duduzile revealed on Twitter last night kind of proves that there are a lot of skeletons in Redi’s closet.

Now, what we know is that, Redi has been criticising people back and forth and this got to a point where she started making shady comments.

She was not being direct, but one could tell who she was referring to, it was not really hard to figure that out. So, what is happening here is that, there is a 36-year-old woman, Zamaswazi Majozi, she was arrested recently and it was mentioned that she had incited violence.

Majozi has an account on Twitter, where she goes by the name, Sphithiphithi Evaluator, her handle is @African Soil, she is a huge supporter of former president Jacob Zuma and no one knew her real identity before she got arrested.

After she got arrested for, allegedly inciting violence, Redi being Redi, she took to Twitter to air out what she thought about the whole thing. The TV and radio presenter mentioned that it is not that hard to trace people like Majozi who have their identities hidden.

She then shaded Majozi, referred to her as a minion and mentioned that Majozi appeared in court on a Monday because of a politician (Zuma) that does not even care about her.

Duduzile decided to get involved because this was obviously about her father, she went straight to the point, she revealed that Redi had visited Zuma at some point in his Forest Town Home.

Duduzile also revealed that Redi had even followed Zuma to Genadendal in Cape Town. Then Duduzile ended off by saying that, Redi was bitter and if she continues, she will reveal more of her files, the question is, will Redi respond?