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Durban mother finally speaks out after tossing toddler from rooftop to strangers

She pulled a shocker when she tossed her baby from the rooftop to complete strangers after a building she was in was on fire. No doubt she did the unthinkable but she will forever be remembered for her heroics.

However speaking to BBC, Naledi Manyoni said that she will be forever grateful after strangers help her out to save her daughter.

The daughter who turns two months next month was tossed from a rooftop after FreeZuma protesters set alight the building they stay in Durban.

“All I could do was trust complete strangers,” Naledi Manyoni said.

She added that they were both doing well. The building they were in was set on fire by looters. The unrest was sparked by the jailing of former President Jacob Zuma.

However, it was reported that looters raiding ground-floor shops had started a fire in the building in which Ms Manyoni had been visiting her partner. The fire quickly gutted all over the building and smoke was everywhere.

She was staying on the 16th floor and she had to rundown the staircases since the lifts were deactivated. Upon arriving at the ground floor she had to squeeze through to find her way to the balcony area of the second floor.

Once on the balcony, she had to scream for help from some looters. She then tossed her toddler to them.

“All I could think was to make sure my baby lived,” she said. However, the rescue team only managed to arrive 20 minutes later. The crowd had already started some rescue operations by then

However, it was recently reported that Video: Trapped Durban mom throws toddler from the rooftop as building burns. A toddler from Durban is lucky to be alive. With widespread protests taking the centre stage one brave mother had to toss her toddler from a rooftop in a bid to save the toddler after protesters torched their premises.

This comes after she was rescued from a blazing fire at the City Life building on Tuesday afternoon. City Life is located above a clothing shop on Smith Street. According to a tweet by Nomsa Maseko, looters started a fire after looting everything from the shops on the ground floor.

“They then set fire to the building, affecting apartments upstairs,” said Nomsa.