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Eastern Cape Chief suspended for 10 years after forcing couple to have s_x in public

A chief from Eastern Cape has been suspended after forcing a couple to have s_x in public. The traditional will not be receiving any pay during his suspension. Chief Ntola is being accused of humiliating a couple being accused of committing adultery in his village.

The Chief has been found guilty after all allegations were verified by the committee and available witnesses. Reports say the woman was a married woman who was having extramarital affairs. After being taken to the tribal court, Chief Ntola ordered her to undress and have s_x with her partner in front of everyone.

Witnesses say the woman refused at first but then ended up undressing and was forced to have s_x with the man she was accused of having an affair with. After being found guilty, Chief Ntola is being asked to apologize to the couple and their families.

COGTA describes Chief Ntola’s conduct as a disgrace to the traditional leadership. According to them the suspended chief has been directed to undergo counseling during his suspension. According to COGTA Nqatha carries the duty to ensure that traditional leaders and institutions falling within its sphere are discharged,

“I have carefully considered and applied my mind to the report which included aggravating and mitigating factors as well as the findings and recommendations.”

“Due to the seriousness of the misconduct he committed that affected the emotional and psychological being of the victims badly and the traditional community at large, I also considered Mr Ntola’s personal circumstances in mitigation of the seriousness of the misconduct, but unfortunately aggravating factors outweighed the mitigating factors in this case,” Nqatha said.

– Savannanews