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See the dirty things Ginimbi was doing with girls hours before his death that left people speechless

Ginimbi lived his life everyday as if it was the last on earth. He was dubbed the king of entertainment. He threw extravagant parties where expensive champagne would be poured on the ground.

Like they say you live by the sword you die by the sword. The late Ginimbi was a party animal who died on his way back from a party in the early hours of Sunday morning. A video of events that happened at the party has surfaced online.

In the video Ginimbi was scene dancing inappropriately with two girls. One of the girls who was wearing a pink short dress died with him in the car. They had planned to go to his house and continue partying little did they know that fate was awaiting them.

The video was posted on social media by one of the partygoers.In the video Ginimbi was in a night club filled with girls doing all sorts of immoral things.Even the cake for the birthday girl was shaped in human form and people would eat as if they are feeding on a human. Moana the birthday girl decided to eat the heart part of the cake. During an interview her sister said that she wanted to eat a piece of her heart.

Everything that took place that night is controversial. They were all drunk on their way home which caused the accident that claimed four lives