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EFF Gains Unpopular Support from Patrice Motsepe

The Economic freedom Fighter’s is known for not backing down to the ideas. This comes irregardless of how people perceive their ideas .

Whenever they think something is a good course , they ensure that they stand by that till the end , irregardless of what can happen along the way.

Economic freedom Fighter’s has demonstrated in many ways their support to their ideas irregardless of what happens on their way.

Inside and outside the parliament, they are always seen, trying by all means to ensure that their voice is always heard and is not taken in other ways which are not comfortable to them or not accepted by them.

The idea of open boarders is known to be strongly coming from the Economic freedom fighters , and they have been supporting it irregardless of the criticism which comes with them supporting the idea.

The South African Billionaire, Patrice Motsepe stood for confirm that the boarders are artificial and Africa is one.

I think this is where the President of Caf and the Economic freedom Fighter’s Will atleast link