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EFF leader Julius Malema Learn His Lessons In a Hard Way

Julius Malema have learnt his lesson in a very hard way. Many South Africans on social media are turning their backs on him after he threatened to recruit more Fighters to join in the protests. Many people accused Malema of trying to fuel the crisis that is already being settled.

His Statement culminated in his account being suspended for 11 hours by Twitter, stating that the lawmaker have violated their rules. The microblogging site also restricted an account bearing Duduzane Zuma which many people confirmed that it is an impersonation account. Duduzane of course have reiterated that he is not on social media. Julius Malema is certainly having a tough moment and is lying low. This is his lowest ebb.

Many people have been attacking him on social media, saying that he has exposed his true identity to South Africans. They accuse him of always being on the negative side, trying to frustrate all the efforts of the government just to find fault with the administration of President Cyril Ramaphosa. A young South African unfollowed the founder of the Economic Freedom Fighters, saying that the lawmaker does not know what he wants. He said to Malema,

“Am just unfollowing all people who don’t know what they want”. Several people are unfollowing the young and vibrant lawmaker and not even his beloved foreigners, refugee immigrants and Undocumented foreigners who he always defends could help him. Several people are deserting him, including some of the undocumented migrants who have lost their jobs to the destructive effects of the protests. Many of their shops, stores and kiosks, including spaza were looted. The most pathetic thing is that unlike large-scale businesses, these small and medium scale businesses do not have insurance.

As several people are unfollowing him, a young man urged them to stop, saying that following him on social media does not mean that such a person supports his ideology. He further stated, “To follow doesn’t mean you support.

It is best you stay there and hear what they had to say just for fun!…you never know when they’ll speak some sense because sometimes they do, and it helps. But I just can’t help myself”. Someone added, that “Julius Malema will never become the president of this country.

He continues to show us that he’s nothing else but Donald Trump in a black man’s body”. Not even foreigners are rising to defend their defender? Several people are asking what Malema hope to gain by recruiting more fighters to join in the protests. Is he happy that people are losing their properties, businesses, jobs, malls, stores, shops, bars, cars and goods to these looters and protesters?