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Emtee Finally Leaves Ambitiouz Entertainment

After making it clear in June that he had plans of leaving Ambitiouz Entertainment, Emtee has now released a statement, saying that he has officially parted ways with the record label.

Emtee first made his intentions of leaving Ambitouz Entertainment clear when he took to Twitter with the hashtag #FreeEmtee, speaking on the things he was not happy about.

Now, after getting his legal team involved, the rapper has finally cut ties with the company.

“Following a long and in-depth reflection on my career as an artist, where I am now and where I see myself in the next few years, I have made a decision that the time has come for me to now part ways with Ambitious Entertainment (sic),” Emtee’s statement reads.

He goes on to add that the decision to involve attorneys was made to ensure that the split was done in the “most swift and amicable way possible.”

“After much back and forth between my attorneys and Ambitious Entertainment, my attorneys confirmed that there was legally no reason why I could not leave Ambitious Entertainment to pursue my career as I saw fit. I accordingly proceeded to do precisely that, on Thursday 08 August 2019 (sic).”

The rapper then went on to thank his supporters for sticking by his side, saying that he would let everyone in on what his next move will be “in due course”.