Home Celebrity Buzz Emtee’s back after stage ‘fall’ and is ‘sober from ALL narcotics’

Emtee’s back after stage ‘fall’ and is ‘sober from ALL narcotics’

Nearly a month after disappearing from social media and the spotlight, Emtee has returned to claim he is drug free and issue a stern warning to his haters.

Emtee went to ground at the beginning of July when a video of him “collapsing” on stage during a performance went viral. The fiasco also led to calls for the rapper to get professional help amidst alcohol and drug abuse allegations.

In an interview with TshisaLIVE shortly after the incident Emtee rubbished the allegations.

However, the rapper returned to Twitter this week to tell fans he was now “sober from all narcotics”.

Emtee revealed he had been recovering in Bloemfontein for the last month and was now all about positive vibes.

But the old Emtee’s views on haters is here to stay.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE after the incident, Emtee said that he had not collpased but fell on a wire.

“I’m doing great. Absolutely fine. I just fell. The security was worried so they took me backstage. The stage was very small and I had to watch my step. It must’ve been a wire that made me fall because I wouldn’t have just fallen out of the blue.”

Source: TimesLIVE