Home Entertainment essages are pouring in for Cosmo, may his soul rest in peace

essages are pouring in for Cosmo, may his soul rest in peace

Cosmo is in serious trouble after he was stabbed with a knife and his wounds need a proper treatment. Mavusa is the reason why Cosmo was stabbed because he wanted Cosmo out of Gadaffi’s business.

Lucy did not have a choice but to take his brother to a public hospital so that they can be able to help him. Lucy has no money to take Cosmo to a private hospital and they don’t even have a medical aid. The public hospital that Lucy took Cosmo to, they don’t have proper equipment for surgery so the is 50/50 chance that Cosmo won’t make it.

You know how public hospital can be crowded, It was hard for Cosmo to be admitted there because the hospital is fully booked and the hospital does not have enough beds to accommodate every patient. The doctor will say that Cosmo needs to go for an emergence operation while checking his wound he will find out that it already have infections and that the is a low chance he will make it out there alive. Is this the end of Cosmo Diale?

If Cosmo dies Generation the legacy will start to bore people. Cosmo and Lucy are the reason why most people watch Generation the legacy. If he dies his fans will be devastated to see him going.