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‘Everything he did was for his family,’ friends celebrate Mutodi Neshehe at memorial

Late actor Mutodi Neshehe’s love for his family, his business acumen and his humour stole the show as friends, family and former colleagues gathered to celebrate his life at a memorial service held on Wednesday afternoon.

Mutodi died on Thursday last week, a death that his friends described as “sudden” because he was sick for only a short time.

His drive-through memorial service which lasted for little over an hour, saw some of his closest friends and brothers speak fondly about him and express their sadness that he’s gone.

Fellow actors Gabriel Temudzani and Rapulana Seiphemo shared some words.

Mutodi was a giant and he was full of life. He taught and instilled in us a culture of caring, a culture of brotherhood. For me personally, he taught me about fatherhood … He taught me to invest for my family, always saying you never know how long you are going to be here or how long you will have a job. I have kept that and used it, and whenever I think him, I’m grateful that he instilled that teaching in me.

“He embodied the spirit of ubuntu and for me that takes the cup,” Gabriel said.

Speaking only briefly, Rapulana said he was saving his speech for the funeral service, but wanted to let the people gathered at the memorial know the kind of person his friend was.

“This is too sudden. Too unexpected. It’s unbelievable honestly but I get a feeling that Mutodi is watching over us and we all know he is saying something stupid whenever someone opens their mouth to say something about him. We do know that, and most of the time it has a comedic touch to it with a sexual refence and I’m sure he has a glass of Jack Daniels and he’s laughing his arse off.”

“All I can say is, much love and light, like you always used to say to us. Till we meet again,” Rapulana said.

His brother, Takalani Neshehe, read a message Mutodi had written in their family WhatsApp group recently when one of the elders in their family died.

Takalani said he felt that Mutodi was preparing them to accept death and the fact that the onus rested on them to continue loving each other and taking care of one another as a family.

“I think most of us either don’t see it or want to acknowledge it but we are now the parents. We have to do the work, to love each other, take care of each other, protect each other and support each other. Nobody has told you this but every single one of you are Neshehe adults by now. It is going to be a lot of work but if we do it like they did, none of us will ever be alone. Ever. Much and light,” read out message from Mutodi to his family.

Mutodi will be taken to his final resting place on Thursday. The funeral service will start at 8am at Doxa Deo Church and the burial starts at 11.30am at Westpark.

– TimesLive