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‘Evil’ Thembeka is back & ‘Scandal!’ viewers are in Shock!!!

Those who don’t know e.tv Scandal!’s Thembeka, may have been tempted to believe her “regretful and humble” act when she came to Quinton, but the OG fans knew right from the start that the goody-two-shoes Thembeka was too good to be true.

Thembeka, played by the talented Masasa Mbangeni, returned to the drama recently. She is one of the most evil villains on TV and fans of the e.tv drama knew that her return spelt nothing but trouble.

What they couldn’t have anticipated is how gullible Quinton (Brighton Ngoma) is.

The poor sucker fell right into the trap that Thembeka set up when she told him she was dying, to try to gain his sympathy.

Viewers found out on Tuesday night that good ol’ conniving Thembeka hasn’t changed one bit, and the “I’m dying” story was a big fat lie.

After all the hurt and heartbreak Q has endured at the hands of Thembeka, he shouldn’t have even blinked twice in her direction, but he did.

– TimesLive