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EXPOSED: The Shocking Reason Why Tshepi Wasn’t At Best Friend K Naomi’s Wedding?

Remember when K Naomi and Tshepi Vundla were best friends, thick as thieves? Well, K Naomi got married just a few days ago and Tshepi was not invited, and rumour has it that it is because of a nasty affair.

According to entertainment blogger Musa Khawula, the pair used to be besties. At the time, which was a few years back, K Naomi was in a relationship with JR. But then, because the media personality had a hectic work schedule, she was away a lot, and Tshepi moved in on her relationship.

He says that Tshepi slept with JR while he and Naomi were still together, and got pregnant for him, allegedly. This would be how Tshepi and JR ended up starting their relationship, and why the two ladies are no longer friends, to the point of Tshepi not being invited to Naomi’s big ceremony.

In the midst of celebrating her new union, Naomi was confronted with these rumours, and needless to say, she was not pleased about them. She responded to Musa’s tweet, cautioning him about spreading false rumours about her and Tshepi.

She wrote “Shame you decided to mess with the wrong person today… and I am not going to let you pass around false rumours or drag Tshepi or I. But carry on, let’s see where this ends.”

But she has since deleted the tweet, but not before some real sleuths secured screenshots.

What does it mean that she took down the tweet? Fans now believe she has something to hide, which she thought about only after she had posted the tweet, which is why she took it down.

Of course there is the possibility that she has decided to take the legal route, and deleted the post so she can pursue Musa in a different avenue. Her message to him definitely sounded like a threat, and we know the best way to sort such issues is usually through the courts, which our celebrities have grown fond of.

The actress just got married in a beautiful ceremony, crowning the long journey she and her husband Tshepo Phakathi have been on, from their engagement a few months back, to the beautiful baby girl they welcomed shortly after.

Musa has refused to back down even after K Naomi’s threat, so we have to imagine he truly believes he is telling the truth. Is this going to end in a gruesome court battle? We’ll wait and see. – ZAlebs