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“Fake pastor serviced my tight honeypot with his big banana”, 15 year old says

A local pastor was exposed yesterday when his right hand man told people about his evil doings and what he did to young girls from Hillbrow. One of the girls he slept with then decided to speak up about what happened.

During an interview with several members from the church, 15 year old Emma exposed a lot of the pastor’s dirty secrets that they have been hiding for years. ” I was a member of the youth group in the church like any other teenager. I started noticing that the pastor liked me when he’d always stare at me and speak good things about me in front of everyone. I started catching feelings for him too and we had an affair. We had chemistry and a bond that could not be separated by anyone.

His wife didn’t know about us because we’d always meet in my flat in Hillbrow. Everytime we met, we had s_x and he enjoyed it more than I did. After every session he payed me R1000 with church money”. Emma also agreed to knowing that the pastor was a fraud. She said the pastor shared everything with her including his money schemes and fraudulent activities.