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Famous Artist Who Bought A 3 Million Rands Car For His Girlfriend Takes It Back After Getting Dumped

Alot people normally shows thier love and affection towards thier loved ones through gift. This man, Quavo has recently repossessed an expensive Bentley coupe that he had bought for his Ex-girlfriend Sawetie.

Quavo gave away this car to Sawetie last year in December when she was still his beloved girlfriend. This bentley was a form of a Christmas gift or present from Quavo to his girlfriend but then three months later he claimed it back following thier break up.

Considering the fact that this Bentley is Luxurious and expensive, Quavo thought it was best to have it repossessed. Such a beast of a car can easily cost nothing less than 3 million Rands.

The pair cut ties last week on Thursdays. This was announced by the girlfriend to her Twitter followers and the reasoning for thier break up was hinted by Sawetie to be infedility.

Alot of people seemed to be impressed with Quavo’s move because they feel like he is within his right to get his car back. Especially after getting dumped like that.