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Fans conclude Lulu Menziwa went to Zimbabwe to meet boyfriend

Lulu Menziwa has been labeled as the s_xiest teacher in Mzansi but no one seems to know who Madam B is dating. Her fans have concluded that she went to Zimbabwe to meet her boyfriend. Not so long ago she posted pictures in Ghana and people wondered who she had gone with.

Taking to Instagram, the s_xy teacher posted a video which showed her landing in Zimbabwe. The video also shows the activities she did in Zimbabwe. Hat caught the attention of many is that she posted some wine and red roses whilst she was in the country.

Could she have taken Khanyi Mbau’s advice on dating men from Zimbabwe? One day the identity of the mystery man will be revealed. Lulu is gifted and her booty has played a big role in her social media growth. Here and there she serves her fans with some booty photos and Mzansi enjoys the show each and every time.

Madam B is now recognized all over the world for what she has in the trunk. She has fans in many countries. Some fans in Nigeria are already requesting she visits the country so that they can also have a look at such beauty.

Even women with the perfect body can be hated. Some critics have slammed her dressing saying it distracts pupils from concentrating and provokes their imaginations. As a result the secondary school teacher responded saying the children do not see it as bad and have never complained.

“…I know that everyone knows me; I’m all over social networks and on radio they are talking about me…I’m not teaching your kid. Do you have your kid in my school? “You are forgetting one thing that I’m not teaching the kids of your age; I’m not teaching 25, 26 to 40-year-old learners. My kids are younger, they don’t have the perverted mind that you have, so stop,” Madam B posted.

– Savannanews