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Fans Excited As DJ Maphorisa And Thuli P Caught Redhanded (SEE PICS)

Actress and DJ Thuli Phongolo was linked to dating many different men in the last year. And even though she vehemently denied being with either of them, social media detectives recently uncovered what they believe to be evidence that she is with DJ Maphorisa.

The rumours first started in October 2021 when a video emerged of the two of them holding each other and looking cozy at an event. Phori then seemed to be attentive to and taking care of Thuli, before he held her hand and they left the venue together.

Thuli promptly responded to the rumours saying they were not dating, and asked tweeps to stop with the rumours. Lorch seemed to confirm it later on when he asked Phori about Thuli live on video, catching the DJ off guard and causing him to stutter his response, which fans took as further proof.

Recently, following the new year festivities, Thuli went on Twitter to share how much fun she had the previous night. She said she was in critical condition, but stable. At first, the comment did not mean much, but that soon changed.

As Thuli went on Instagram to share photos of what looks like a hotel room, fans immediately picked up on similarities between her background and that of DJ Maphorisa in a picture he posted.

According to social media detectives, the headboards of the beds in the background match. They also noticed the two rooms had the same carpet, the same floor pattern, and champagne flutes. Have a look.

Since the reveal, Thuli’s previous tweet has now been seen in a different light. Tweeps have concluded that when she said she had fun and was in critical condition, she was speaking to Madumane’s bedroom prowess.

Fans have been showering DJ Maphorisa with praises for “doing a good job” and “representing the men well”.

It seems that Madumane has redeemed himself after he was called a simp in 2021. Shortly after rumours began that Thuli had dumped him for Mr JazziQ, following saucy snaps of Thuli and JazziQ surfacing, DJ Maphorisa was spotted looking disoriented and upset at a gig.

The video led fans to conclude that he was upset from his breakup with the actress, and social media was lit up with heartfelt messages for him to hang in there. Well, except for controversial YouTuber Slik Talk, who called him a simp and asked him to grow up. Ouch!

The two are yet to give any response to the discovery, but if they are indeed together, we wish them the best, and hope to hear their official word soon.