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Fans left in shook by how Tumi lies and cheats like a pro! #TheRiver




Fans of The River have watched Tumi as gets deeper into her entanglement with Mabutho, but when they saw how hard she lied on Tuesday night’s episode, they knew that sis is a pro at cheating.

Most viewers have concluded that s.e.x with Mabutho, who happens to be her husband’s cousin, must be amazing because as far as the things Tumi wants in lifelike luxury and money – Mabutho doesn’t have anything other than being cute.

Fans have had to watch Lindani cry about his suspicion that his wife is cheating on him in front of the very person she is cheating with. Lindani almost walked in on his wife and cousin doing the deed. In fact, he did, but Tumi turned up the drama and accused Lindani of seeing things. She went as far as convincing poor Lindani that not only is he crazy, he’s a paranoid embarrassment.

However, when Tumi lied with a straight face to her mother Lindiwe, who coincidentally gave her a young lecture about the dangers of cheating, even Tumi’s fans were left in awe.

Viewers had the memes to express their shock at Tumi’s audacity.