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Fans noticed a R50 in Bonang Matheba’s hand bag

When someone is famous, most people tend to think that all of them are rich and they always carrying around a lot of money since they are always showing off their lavish lifestyles on social media. Celebrities are living ordinary lives like the rest of other people, the only difference is that they are more into the spotlight and they are all painted rich in the eyes of the public.

Bonang Matheba is very successful entrepreneur and media personality who has been in the entertainment industry for quiet some time and a lot of people love her amazing craft more than anything. She is very adored all over Mzansi and this is all because of her great personality. On one of her latest post, The beauty Queen left fans asking for the R50 she had in her bag.

Her stylish handbag was visible inside and people were wondering how come the famous Bonang Matheba only had R50 in her bag. Here is what her fans had to say about this. Share your opinions,