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Fans WORRIED about Skeem Saam star Cornet Mamabolo after seeing his recent picture

Skeem Saam star Cornet Mamabolo left fans concerned after he shared his picture on Instagram.

The actor whose popularly known as Tbose on SABC1’s Skeem Saam said he has been healing at home.

He captioned the picture, “Home Nursing the arm. Big moves underway…#unstoppabletrain”

Cornet did not get into too many details about his injury. Fans and other celebrities took to the comments section to wish him a speedy recovery.

A few days ago, Cornet celebrated his 31st birthday. He penned a lengthy Instagram post reflecting on his journey thus far.

He said he loves who he has become, “It is the PROCESS for me that I appreciate the most … my own personal journey is what I look forward to. I love what this man has become & continues to be.” He said.

“To me, it has always been about building a bankable brand, generational wealth, impacting lives in the most extraordinary way & using the gift from God to make the livelihoods of others even better.”

He said he always prays that God grants him more wisdom to explore his gift and use it with love.

He continued to say that God and his ancestors have been kind to him and showed him their love and power.

“YESSS… one day will make sense, I’m taking it one step at a time. It’s an unstoppable train, this thing … I love you!!!” he concluded.

His on-screen brother and best friend Clement Maosa, who plays Kwaito on the show also wished him well on his special day. He wrote a lengthy hard warming post talking about their journey.

“When coming to Jhb we were young and just kids who were determined to follow their dreams and stand out, I always say “we haven’t paid 5 tollgates just to play” and I am glad we haven’t dropped the ball,

“It was a very tough journey because as villagers in this industry we always had to prove ourselves beyond what’s normally acceptable to get recognition. Transitioning from arts to corporate was another brave move I learned from you. 10years later it only makes sense and I know there is still so much more to offer.”

Clement told Cornet to continue embracing growth. He also expressed his gratitude for Cornet’s mother.

“I’m grateful to your mom who always reminds me that we are brothers and should always look out for one another and for our families to understand our journey because somehow they too lost the privilege of spending most times with us but borrowing us to the world,” said Clement.

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