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Female Security Posted Her House Which Left Mzansi In Tears(PICS)

Being a woman is a tough job on its own, raising your babies and taking care of the household is another. There are those mothers who are single parents who are strong to play their part to achieve what they want even though no one is there to assist them. Like a woman who is a security guard posted her house on Facebook to show everyone her achievement.

She has built a beautiful house which consists of three bedrooms, lounge, garage and two bathrooms. She mentions that she has been receiving comments asking her how much she spent on building this house. Furthermore, she started her dream house in 2016 when she acquired a stand, and she spent roughly R250000, to build her house. Judging by how big her house is, most people will think that she is lying based on her line of work. We can’t judge a book by its cover, we don’t know for sure how she managed to save money to fulfil her dream. Let’s see some reactions from the public regarding her story.

By being a security guard can’t limit you from achieving your dreams, and we all have potential to get where we want to be. With a less salary, if you know how to manage your finances, you can get to greater heights. You should never underestimate your abilities and possibilities.