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Finally Soldiers Deployed To Gauteng And Kwazulu Natal

If there has never been a point in time which has proved that our South Africa voice are very weak, and we are actually not around them, one would say that that time is now, Shops are being looted day and night with protests spreading across different parts of the country under their watch with them not making arrests but scaring of the protesters who just move and do it elsewhere instead.

So now with these issues of shops being looted left and right being a big deal for jobs are threatened at the whole process. The state has finally decided to deploy the soldiers in 2 provinces, namely Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal. Have a look at the official statement released today.

Looking back at the time where the country was still on level 5 the soldiers managed to keep people in their place by beating them whenever they were on the wrong side of the law. So right now that we are here and people are breaking the law in numbers, do you think that the soldiers will win this one?

Before you can leave some comments on this issue, have a look at what some individuals think about this deployment of the soldier’s,

So now with all that being said, what is your take on this situation? Bear in mind that yes the soldiers could be armed, but the Protesters are also armed as well and some of them has Petrol bombs and other types of small bombs including guns.

It is very clear that a lot of blood will be shed in this coming days in order to stop all that, do you think that it will be a good or a bad move if the state just surrender and free president Jacob Zuma?