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Five Mzansi Celebrity Kids Who Are Richer Than You May Think

Being the child of a celebrity usually means that one is already famous from birth, which often comes in handy for these celebrity kids in their careers as well as their finances. While many end up just inheriting the wealth of their parents, and others ride on their parents’ fame and success to make money, others usually get an early start to making their own money. Of course it helps that their parents are rich and famous, and as such gave them a great launching platform from a young age, but these celebrity kids have gone on to make their own way in the world and chase their own money.

Dineo Langa

Dineo is the 32-year old daughter of KG Moeketsi, one of South Africa’s veteran radio presenters. Dineo is an actress, famous for her role as Keabetswe Khoza in The Queen. She has also followed in her mother’s footsteps as a host, and is very successful in both of her careers.

Bahumi Mhlongo

Bahumi is the daughter of popular actor Somizi Mhlongo. She has also joined the entertainment industry, and is an actress like her father. She is a phenomenal actress, and has been in shows with big industry names like Saint Seseli. She also has a degree in law, and is set to have a very successful future.

Snikiwe Mhlongo

Snikiwe is the daughter of dancer-actress Brenda Mhlongo. She is a YouTuber, and is setting herself up as a fashion influencer. She has over two hundred thousand followers on Instagram. Snikiwe is lucky to have a very supportive mother, who believes she should be encouraged to chase her dreams.

Kairo Forbes

Does it count as chasing the bag when it is done by a child? Either way, Kairo Owethu Forbes is making big money, and all at just 6 years of age. She is the daughter of DJ Zinhle and rapper AKA. She has had more than one million followers on Instagram since she was five years old, and already has more gigs than most SAns have at 30. She has already been brand ambassador for Organics, a hair brand, Nutriday, and most recently started influencer for Lifebuoy. She has also worked with DSTV, and has a sunglasses collection by Era By DJ Zinhle, her mother’s brand. Her parents have already instilled an impeccable work ethic in the young star, and she is sure to go far in her career in future.

Alicia Angel Ferguson

Alicia is the daughter of the late icon Shona Ferguson. Although she keeps her life private and doesn’t have a big social media presence, she is an actress and is making waves in her own right. She also sings and writes songs, and she may actually become a musical superstar in this country given some time.