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Focalistic VS Cassper Nyovest: Focalistic Dropping Some Harsh Words For Cass

The music industry in Mzansi is never short of feuds amongst performers. The latest one features amapiano sensation Focalistic clearing the air after rapper Cassper Nyovest’s diss.

It all began when Cassper Nyovest mentioned Focalistic in his verse in the song OohAhh. One may assume that they were encouraging comments, but in the meanwhile, Cassper Nyovest attacked Focalistic severely. Cassper Nyovest claims that he was an inspiration to many musicians, including Focalistic, in his verse, which makes him sound pretty enraged about the hip-hop and rap culture in Mzansi.

“Inspired everyone of you nigg*s, including Foca,” said Cassper Nyovest

Just a week or so have passed before Focalistic addressed the issue in question on social media. Focalistic made it quite apparent while in Paris, France, that while being inspired by Cassper Nyovest, he is still perplexed by being named in his verse as if someone wants to be paid or given credit for Focalistic’s success.

Yes, Cassper inspired me, but inspiration doesn’t come with an invoice. Even Michael Jackson inspired me, but I am unable to compensate him because he is no longer alive. So, if you were inspired, it’s okay; I’ve traveled from Pretoria to Paris and am now at the Eiffel Tower.

Back in 2019, Focalistic was indeed singing Cassper Nyovest’s praises as someone who has inspired him a great deal in the music industry. However, one would argue whether or not this warranted Cassper Nyovest to make it seem as though all Focalistic’s success should be credited to him. Screenshots from 2019, Focalistic wasn’t shy to praise Cassper Nyovest for featuring him in a song.

“I really have a song with my biggest inspiration! I cant sleep! We made a SMASH at that. GOD BLESS Cassper Nyovest, Never Know is the a big a TUNE. Pitori Maftown! Kaofela” wrote Focalistic

Even back in 2018, Focalistic was still singing Cassper Nyovest’s praises, even though they didn’t have a song together back then. So, in actual fact Cassper Nyovest has really played a pivotal role in Focalistic’s music journey thus far.

“If Cassper Nyovest doesn’t at least inspire you to be better in anything you do… you must have a problem” wrote Focalistic.

Tweeps are arguing and it appears that Focalistic could be a hypocrite since in actual fact, Cassper Nyovest is really echoing what Focalistic has been saying about him being an inspiration even before he stepped into the music industry. Could it be because now that Focalistic has a brand for himself, that is what causing his anger and outrage.

“My question is was Focalistic dissing himself when he was saying Cassper Nyovest inspired him? Coz now it seems like Cassper is wrong for saying same thing you said” wrote Crabow Bogosi