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‘For years he’s made my life hell’: Lerato breaks down on IG Live

After pledging to make sure Musa Khawula is arrested “again,” Lerato Kganyago is bearing everything and outing him.

The Metro FM presenter and club DJ used Instagram Live on Tuesday, July 5 to further expose Musa. She can be heard sobbing as she describes the grief the controversial blogger has caused her over the years in the video, which only contains audio because Lerato was in the dark.


Due to years of bullying the media celebrity claims she has endured because of the blogger, Lerato and Musa are currently at odds.

Lerato was upset as she posted on Instagram, crying as she talked about all the suffering she claims Musa is to blame for.

Lerato claimed during her IG Live that the online troll began harassing her soon after she left Soweto TV and began working for the SABC. Musa pitted her against Bonang Matheba over the weekend when he called her “Bonang lite” and made remarks about her attire at the Durban July.

“The battle I’m fighting now is a battle that I’ve fought for many years. I fought because I was a young girl from Soweto TV who really wanted to work, and that made a couple of people uncomfortable so they made my life uncomfortable.

“For many years Musa Khawula made my life hell, him and his celeb friend. And I just need the strength to mention the friend, and I wasn’t the only one that they did this to,” Lerato said on IG.

She continued by saying that it was because to the blogger that she first learned about antidepressants and anxiety medications. Lerato, who called Musa “vile” and “unstable,” claimed that none of the drama would have occurred if the blogger had conducted his gossip in an orderly and respectful manner.

Lerato continued by saying that she had ended the feud because she believed Musa had grown.

Lerato said later in the video that the famous acquaintance, whose name she omitted, held a meal with other famous people to criticize and discuss her. Boity was the only person to defend her at the dinner, which was shown on Vuzu, which is why she claims to respect the rapper so much.

Watch Lerato’s IG Live in the YouTube video below: