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Former deputy SCA president ‘KK’ Mthiyane dies

Previous appointee leader of the High Court of Allure, Khayelihle Kenneth “KK” Mthiyane, passed on Thursday — capitulating to Coronavirus only days after his better half, S’thandiwe.

Mthiyane was agent leader of the allure court from 2012 to 2014, and followed up on the Established Court in 2011.

When depicted by previous boss equity Pius Langa as “a man of honor”, Mthiyane was a very much adored head of the legitimate crew. When the change of the legal executive was putting a strain on collegiality, he was a binding together figure.

Leader of the High Court of Allure Mandisa Maya revealed to TimesLIVE that Mthiyane was a fantastic appointed authority and consistently a help for his associates, particularly youngsters.

“I wouldn’t have remained at the SCA were it not for him. His youngsters are on the whole young ladies and I believe that impacted the man he was, particularly his delicate and deferential demeanor towards ladies.

“I was the most youthful at the court, the sole individual of color in the good ‘ol days and it was amazingly difficult to fit in. In any case, he encouraged me and urged me to go after a lasting job and later the administration mantle,” she said.

Resigned Protected Court Equity Edwin Cameron said Mthiyane was “a prized, liberal and profoundly principled associate”.

“I called him affectionately Khayelihle, he affectionately called me Lekgowa – and unbounded was his pleasure when a case went along S v Legoa [2003 (1) SACR 13 (SCA)] in which I was doled out [by him] to compose the judgment.”

Mthiyane was conceded as a lawyer in 1975 and his firm KK Mthiyane and Friends in Durban managed public interest and political cases. He likewise had an overall business, common and criminal practice — including prosecutors from burdened networks, as per his memoir on the Sacred Court site.

Mthiyane joined the Durban Bar in 1984 and took silk in 1995. He was designated an adjudicator in 1997 and an appointed authority of the High Court of Allure in 2001.

Mthiyane is made due by four girls.