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Former Generations actress Foji Asanda is back again with her snaps in workout gear

In the past few years a well know tv Sophie called generation fired all its actors due to certain reasons, after firing actors it changed the story name and the storyline to “ Generation the legacy” majority of actors on Generation the legacy were new faces,

In this article am gonna tell you about an ex generation the legacy actor who was acting as Simphiwe Moroka married to Mazwi moroka, Simphiwe’s real names are Asanda Foji

Remember Asanda has a diploma in theatre, media and journalism that she obtained in “ The new Africa theatre “ , when Asanda’s contract with Generation the legacy she didn’t jus give up and throw it all away, she went to Netherworld to further her acting career, she felt like a diploma is not enough for her worth and strive for more

Foji is not only focusing on acting, she also has her own clothing brand company That special with gym outfits, that is one thing about her that many people don’t know, her store is called Foji sports swear

Many people were expecting that after the termination of her contracts with generation the legac its gonna be the end of her, but instead she’s flying even more higher

Checki the pictures below of asanda wearing her own clothes from her store