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Former Generations actress Sonia Mbele bares soul

Sometimes life can get us down and the only way to get back up is through acknowledging our own strengths and celebrating our achievements – which is what actress Sonia Mbele recently did.

Taking to Instagram, the former Generations actress made herself her own woman crush and penned a heartfelt motivational letter to herself.

“Hi Sonia, I feel and believe you’re the hardest working woman in the game. It’s been 24 years in the Industry and not once have you slacked, complained nor given up,” she began, before writing about how she overcame her battles in the industry.

In a recent interview with DRUM, the businesswoman revealed how she had depression as a result of her public divorce and the treatment of her business partners.

“The people I worked with reduced me to nothing and took advantage of the fact I was going through a messy breakup. I lost my sense of self,” the actress said.

Sonia also revealed she walked away from an earlier production of reality show The Rich Housewives of Johannesburg after being sabotaged by her partners. “I was no longer producer but was told I needed to make coffee for people, hang curtains, move boxes and basically do the work of an intern. That is not what I had signed up to do.”

Now the 42-year-old has managed to pull off a successful season of the show and is doing better than ever.

Take a look at Sonia’s powerful message below:

Source: Channel24