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Former President Jacob Zuma To Address the Nation

The country has been waiting to hear the news straight from the lion’s mouth and that time has definitely come. Jacob Zuma will finally explain to the country what he thinks about the judgment and the court in its entirety. This is something that has never happened before outside the confines of the presidency. Since Jacob Zuma left the position of presidency, he hasn’t had anything like what he is about to do.

The Jacob Zuma foundation announced on Friday morning that the former president will address the country over the weekend. They state that he will clarify whether or not he will be handing himself over or if he will be fighting for his freedom. Ever since the judgment was passed, Jacob Zuma has been quiet and letting his legal team deal with everything, he finally will speak for himself over the weekend.

It can be said that Jacob Zuma only has a total of 2 days left before his time as a free man is gone. This is something that is of urgent need. The country needs to brace itself as the foundation will release the exact time and day when the president will address the country. This will be either on Saturday or on Sunday. What we do know is things are about to get really explosive in the country as Jacob Zuma will not be taking any prisoners.

At the current moment, the legal team has tried to address the fact that Jacob Zuma will apply to have his sentence for 15 months in prison relooked. We will hear about that and more at the address. The former president has also been given a choice between Durban and Johannesburg as places to choose from for his imprisonment, we will also know in this address what he chose.

What is your take on the matter?