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Former soccer star Lerato Chabangu’s Situation Is Getting Worse Day by Day

PSL management must intervene and force the team/agents to ensure that the players are saving from first day of their contracts. Bafana Bafana Attacker for the 2010 FIFA World cup Lerato Chabangu is definitely in need of help, his downfall can be taken lightly but it also kills the image of our footballers.

The number of broke and fallen star has been increasing day by day. Maybe we can not save everyone but let us save the future! Chabangu was part of our striking force for the 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP of which we hosted. Its history now that age took him out of football as he was part of the players that played longer than expected. Unfortunately his retirement became a mess as he ran out of money so fast without any savings.

Lerato Chabangu wants nothing but to play again, he feels that he can get back his old form and play professional football again, Is it possible? Owk he wants to start saving and rectify his previous mistakes now with the aim of earning and saving something.

It’s really embarrassing to see your idol, your role model becoming a mess like that. It was the same story with Junior Khanye but according to him GOD intervened and he is a changed man. Chabangu played for big , respected and paying brands in the PSL and that includes the Pretoria outfits, SuperSport United, the PSL Champions Mamelodi Sundowns and the new Chippa United.

He gained so much fame when he represented Bafana Bafana and Moroka Swallows . Looking back In 2019 Chabangu was reportedly signed by lower division side Baberwa FC participating in the ABC Motsepe League. That happened after he was asking for a last chance im life. He was offered a six-month deal, it was clear that he won’t survive there as his shape was very disappointing and the age issue.

“All you need is love” story was all over the internet, on newspapers and magazines about his excessive indulgence in alcohol, as well as uncontrollable reckless financial spending as we are not so sure if he is still having shelter and a meal for each day. Very shocking! we are now experiencing a shocking downfall.

This is a lesson to everyone regardless of what job you are doing. Chabangu made terrible mistakes in life, he got so many chances to rectify them as time was ticking against him but he failed again. Let this be a good start to all the PSL teams and start encouraging the young players to behave and learn to save their funds while they still running. This sad story of Lerato Chabangu therefore pose a challenge to players too and not players alone but to the managers and agents, they can be questioned about this. Let them avoid more of our players facing the same in future, this is disappointing please organize and teach them from the early age.