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Four stages of HIV and AIDS (MUST SEE STAGE 2)

There are four stages of HIV and as with altogether illnesses, how it progresses, how slow it takes and the provoke it has on the being depends on more than a few factors, for example, all-purpose health, lifestyle, diet,

Stage 1: Infection

HIV cursorily replicates in the amount after infection. certain individuals result sin hort-lived flu-like symptoms, for example, headaches, fever, sore throat, and a rash contained by time to weeks after infection. During this time the immune system reacts to the virus by increasing antibodies – this is referred to as ‘seroconversion’.

Stage 2: Asymptomatic

As the tag suggests, this performance of HIV infection does not ground outer cipher or symptoms. A persona may seem to be an experience form but HIV is lifelong to agree with their immune system. This stand may ultimate several days (median of 8 to 10 years) and without an HIV test, scores of relations get something done to be acquainted with they are infected.

Stage 3:

Symptomatic Over time the immune system becomes broken and diluted by HIV and symptoms develop. Initially, they are capable of being mild but they organize worsen, symptoms consist of fatigue, import loss, bragging ulcers, thrush, and critical diarrhea.

The symptoms are caused by the appearance of opportunistic infections; they are referred to as opportunistic infections for the reason that they regard the improvement of a person’s destabilized immune system. little examples of opportunistic infections are PCP, toxoplasmosis, TB, and Kaposi sarcoma.

Stage 4:

AIDS/Progression of HIV to AIDS There is no solitary assessment for AIDS; doctors will come across at

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